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Bridge Analytics progressive, result focused and passionate experiences are captured in our value propositions with clear focus on decision intelligence and forward looking data capabilities.

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We help you pave the way for success tomorrow by smarter insights and support with your strategic roadmap.


Vision is our “AI Journalist” that rewrites news, visualise sentiment and bias and provides correlations on different subjects and sectors. Vision informs investment officers, portfolio managers, researchers and traders to keep up with the enormous information available within the markets.

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“Vikare” handles all the asset managers product, client, market and positional data accurately, reliable and auditable. Vikare provides full visibility and end-to-end control of the data and integrates this through the trade management cycle of the investment manager.

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BAAS stands for Business Analysis As A Service. BAAS has the ambition to fulfil a challenge known in every organisation: a structural definition of ones organisational requirements based on the core value chain.

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